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A.P. Nkunzi is a writer, film editor, and director residing in Toronto, Canada. He grew up watching films created across the globe and always had a love for cinema. His very first childhood dream was to become an actor. In his elementary school years, his passion for storytelling flourished and he joined a theater group during this time. As time progressed, A.P. Nkunzi went on to write and direct a play which he showcased before an audience of 2,000 people in 2009. In 2010, while directing a music video, he developed a passion for filmmaking and went to co-produce the independent feature film: “Young Single Mothers”. In the following years, he wrote, directed, and produced short films including “Saved By The Bell’’, ‘’Reactivated ‘’, “Psychedelic Trip”, “Crying Wolf”, and lately “2020”. His creative knack translated into the music realm where he proved to be a skilled music producer/composer. Moreover, he composed and scored all the films he directed. A.P brings with him a very unique skill set as a filmmaker. His ability to understand the work in front of and behind the camera combined with his expertise in cinematography, editing, screenwriting, and directing actors shaped his vision of storytelling which inspired him to get better with time. He is constantly looking for new challenges and opportunities to learn in the area of storytelling such as experimenting with visual effects in post-production.

A.P. Nkunzi. Co-writer/Director/Producer/Editor “2020” Website Instagram

Sharma MacDonald is an award-winning actor and filmmaker from Toronto, Ontario of Jamaican Parentage. She was recognized by The Black Canadians Network as one of the top 150 Black Canadians, in honor of “Canada 150.”  Her television credits include National Geographic/Discovery Channel TV series “Breakout”, CTV/NBC’s “Saving Hope” and host of “Urban Report” on YES TV’s Let’s Talk.  Sharma has even brought her skills to the theatre, stepping onto the stage in Nora and Delia Ephron’s, “Love, Loss and What I Wore.” When she felt as though there were not enough acting roles representative of people of colour and their stories, Sharma shifted her focus to storytelling – writing, producing and directing.  Dutifully connected to her community, Sharma is committed to bringing issues confronting it to the forefront.  The first short film that she wrote, which was also her directorial debut – entitled “No Way Out”, about black youth in a Toronto at-risk neighbourhood- was an Official Selection at the Women’s Director International Film Festival.  It also aired on Rogers Television Toronto as part of special programming for the Toronto International Film Festival.  In the year 2020, Sharma created and directed “I Rise,” an online conversational series, to empower and provide tools & solutions for social change; but it was the mental and emotional anguish that she experienced from the murder of George Floyd that caused Sharma to begin writing her second short film titled “2020”. The film has won awards (nationally and internationally) thus far and received a special award nomination from the Yorkton Film Festival in the Category of Mental Health, a subject dear to her heart and the premise of her next project that she is hoping to develop into a television series.  Sharma is also Assistant Director on an upcoming feature film titled “Mary”.  In her spare time, she continues to elevate her community by covering events throughout the city as an on-air personality. 

Sharma MacDonald. Writer/ Lead Actress “2020” Website Instagram

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